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Vaginal Odor : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If for women the vagina is an organ like any other, for men it is more than that. For them, the vagina is a quadrant of temptation, a source of joy. In fact, the vagina of a woman can make misspeak even the most powerful man. Men like to contemplate the vagina, touch it and even go further. However, an unpleasant vaginal odor can somehow make it uncomfortable for both the woman and man; it can even disrupt the sexual activity. Man becomes repulsive, and the woman feels uncomfortable (if she is aware of the issue).  

Talking about vaginal odor, it is important to note that the vagina has a distinct odor that is aphrodisiac to men. It is for men a priceless perfume. However, every woman has a unique vaginal odor that may vary depending on hormonal secretion or diet. Therefore, a difference in the smell of your vagina is not necessarily a vaginal infection or another vaginal issue. The change can be linked to a specific time of your menstrual cycle. For instance, vaginal odor tends to be stronger during menstruation. There is no need for you to take medication or antibiotics which can complicate the situation.  

A healthy vagina always emerges a discrete odor from time to time. And the smell is often circumstantial. Whether this natural smell is neutral, pleasant or unpleasant, it is a personal matter. The odor is relatively a feminine problem when it becomes so strong that it gets your attention; this can be a sign of vaginal infection or a more serious vaginal disease. Left untreated, this condition can cause not only physiological problems but also emotional problems. In some women, the issue may lead to social discomfort - the person feels ill at ease among others thinking they breathe the smell, which is most of the times untrue.   

Vaginal Odor Treatment 

If you really have an abnormal vaginal odor, do not panic or think otherwise. Many women believe that the problem is due to a lack of hygiene. As a result, they wash the vagina excessively, ignoring that they aggravate the situation. In fact, even if the smell is the result of poor genital hygiene, douching or excessive washing is not the solution. The first smart move should be to restore the acidity of the vaginal cavity, and thus the balance of vaginal flora.  

Restore the vaginal flora 

The vaginal flora consists of millions of non-pathogenic microaerophilic bacteria or organisms (which do not cause disease), mainly lactobacilli. They multiply in the vagina, and provide the protective acidity of the vagina cavity. If the vaginal flora is disrupted, bacteria Gardnerella type proliferate, resulting in (often imperceptibly) in bacterial vaginosis in many women. The great inconvenience of bacterial vaginosis is that the vagina may have an odor particularly strong similar to rotten fish. The odor tends to worsen during sexual intercourse.  

Unaware of what to do, many women adopt a more careful vaginal hygiene, disrupting even the natural flora of the vagina. Wash the vagina too often increases its pH, which disrupts the vaginal flora and can cause vaginal infections and particularly unpleasant odor. In addition, douching may cause excessive or vaginal dryness which can also lead to strong vaginal odor. Therefore, it is essential to avoid douching if you want to keep your vagina fresh and healthy.  


Combined with a natural supplement that helps regulate the vagina flora, these tips can greatly help you. If odor persists despite treatment, you should see a doctor because it could be the sign of more serious medical conditions such as cancer of the cervix or vagina: 

Diet - If you have a really bad vaginal odor, before resorting to drugs, eat strawberry many times a day. If you want to take it juiced, buy the strawberry and home make the juice, and drink it right it away. Drink a glass of strawberry three times per day; the first drink on an empty stomach. It's simple but effective if the problem does not result from a medical condition. You can also make tea from cinnamon and lemon balm tea. It is imperative to stop eating pork meat and all foods that can worsen the odor – garlic for instance.  

Urinating After Sexual Intercourse - for women, after sexual intercourse, it is important to urinate. Sexual activities tend to lead to a small rise of germs into the urethra. Once present, these microbes tend to fly into the bladder which can cause recurrent urinary infections. Urinating right after the coitus causes a cleansing effect, forcing the microbes outside. 

Wear Appropriate Clothing - wear cotton panties so that the vaginal part can breathe easier. It is also recommended to avoid wearing tight shorts or pants. Tight clothing can irritate the vagina and cause or increase vaginal odor.  

Avoid Retained or Forgotten Tampon- this can cause a vaginal infection, which can produce an unpleasant odor.