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Tummy Tuck to Remove Extra Fat and Skin and Tighten Muscles In The Abdominal Wall

When people think cosmetic surgery procedures, probably the most common procedure after a face lift is a tummy tuck.  The official name for this procedure is an abdominoplasty, and the procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal area as well as restores weakened or separated muscles.  This creates a firmer, smoother abdominal area which improves your appearance and beauty in general.  Many people follow a regimen of diet and exercise to maintain a firm abdominal area, but sometimes that is not enough. 

People who are overweight may elect to have this procedure to help them remove fat from that area.  However, women who have extra skin and fat in the tummy area after pregnancy, people who have had large changes in weight, and people who have excess abdominal fat because of heredity often opt for this procedure.  When the connective tissues and the abdominal muscles are stretched out but fail to tighten back up, the abdominal area becomes extended.  Often, the only way to completely correct these issues is with cosmetic surgery. Tummy Tuck is not forcedly an anti aging treatment.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Usually performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia, the tummy tuck begins with the surgeon making a long incision that extends from one hip to the other.  This incision is usually placed in the lower abdomen and is based on consultations between the surgeon and the patient prior to surgery.  The incision allows the surgeon to access the area in order to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess fat.  The extra skin is also removed and it is possible that the naval may have to be repositioned as a part of this procedure.  The incision area is then sutured and the patient must return in 5 to 7 days to have the sutures removed.  Because of the low position of the incisions, scarring is usually well-hidden.  Results are excellent, but if a patient has major weight fluctuations in the future, they are not guaranteed to last.

Tummy Tuck Contraindications

People who are planning to get pregnant in the future or who are working on a substantial weight loss program should hold off having this surgery until afterward.  If there is scarring that interferes with the tummy tuck, the surgery cannot be done.  Those with diabetes, morbid obesity, heart disease or problems with blood clotting should not have this procedure.

Tummy Tuck Price

A tummy tuck price can range from $3700 to $10,000 depending on location and the depth of treated area. The location may also play a role in the price.

Tummy Tuck Complications

A person who has a tummy tuck can expect to have temporary bruising, swelling, and tenderness.  More rare complications are things like excessive bleeding, poor healing, infection, and allergic reaction to anesthesia. If you experience serious adverse effects or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.