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Thermage to Tighten and Shape Skin and Smooth Wrinkles  

Thermage Benefits are enormous in term of beauty. Your face is important to you, and unfortunately, it can show signs of aging long before the rest of your body does.  If you have some minimal wrinkling, bulges or sags, you may be interested in the non-invasive procedure called Thermage.  This is a cosmetic surgery technique designed to improve the skin around the eyelids and eyes. In addition, Thermage can help tighten skin on other parts of the body such as skin of the stomach after pregnancy.  The procedure can really restore or improve your beauty and boost your confidence.  Thermage is a form of anti aging treatment.

During a thermage procedure, there is no surgery and no injections are involved.  It takes very little time for the actual procedure, but the skin is tightened and smoothed, which redefines the contours of the face and gives your eyes a more alert and younger appearance.  Because the collagen in the skin tends to break down as we age, the face begins to form wrinkles or sag.  The revolutionary Thermage procedure can lift and firm the skin while renewing the collagen.

Thermage Procedure

Radiofrequency (RF) technology is used to heat the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin, which are the layers that lie under the epidermis, or surface of the skin.  At the same time, this technology keeps the skin’s surface cooled.  The skin is cleansed and spread with a gel-like substance.  The technician performing the Thermage procedure then uses the treatment tip to touch the skin areas that are being treated.  Depending on the amount of preparation necessary and the amount of treatment required, the procedure can last from a few minutes to an hour.  Treatments are individualized to each person and may include different treatment levels.  Generally only a single treatment is required, and the results gradually appear between 2 and 6 months after the treatment has been completed and can last for several years.

Thermage Contraindications

Women who are pregnant and people with pacemakers or other implanted electrical devices should not receive Thermage treatment.  If you have diabetes, heart problems, suffer from tumors or system diseases such as lupus or have skin diseases in the treatment area you are not a good candidate for this procedure.

Thermage Price

There is not an average cost because it depends on the amount of treatment needed, but the cost can range from $670 to $4000.  There are no additional costs for anesthesia or other surgical procedures.

Thermage Complications

Complications that may occur with Thermage tend to be temporary, such as skin damage.  The minimal risk of burns, asymmetry of the face or uneven skin can be caused by improper use of the RF device, which is why it is so important for the medical team that you choose to be highly trained in the procedure.  Verify their experience before proceeding with the procedure. If you experience serious adverse effects or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.