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Teeth Whitening: Procedure, Recovery, Complications & Prices

Teeth Whitening Indication

The food that people eat directly affect the whiteness of their teeth. For example, people who smoke, drink coffee, or who don't get regular dental care can have teeth that are stained and not pearly white. Most people want the anti aging treatment of tooth whitening to bring them a more youthful looking smile without all of the stains and discolorations.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening procedure is quite simple as the most common way to do it is by using solvents and laser light. The solvents are applied to the teeth by a dentist or orthodontist. The solvent is then activated by the use of an ultra violet light that cases the solvent to break down the stain materials to give the teeth their natural white color back. This process usually takes an hour or less and is extremely routine for people that want this type of procedure done.

Teeth Whitening Recovery

Recovery time is instant. The only thing that you might experience after this anti aging treatment is sensitivity to cold foods or liquids for a time. The enamel is more sensitive as the layer of stains and discoloration has been removed from the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Complications

Tooth whitening does not have many complications, but some people experience extreme sensitivity. This type of sensitivity can occur after this procedure which makes it impossible for the patients to eat any type of food due to pain. In some cases, the enamel can crack due to the harsh chemicals in the solvents which can lead to extra dental work and extreme pain. While these complications don't happen very often, they are things to think about when looking at this anti aging treatment.

Teeth Whitening Prices

Having a tooth whitening procedure costs on average about $350 dollars per treatment. The clinic you choose, and the dentist that performs this procedure will sometimes affect the price. The region in which you live will also affect the final price as some parts of the country charge more or less for this procedure.