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Stretch Marks Prevention  

Unfortunately, there is no effective method to prevent stretch marks; cosmetic creams used as prevention have rarely proven to be effective. However, constantly feeding your skin with massage and applications of stretch mark creams can help your skin to soften and relax, which reduces your chances of having stretch marks. Nevertheless, even when following all beauty and health tips, there is never guaranteed at 100% to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.  

The following tips may reduce your risk of stretch marks:  

  • avoid taking and/or losing weight quickly by following strict diets; 
  • avoid using cortisone creams or lotions without your doctor's advice; 
  • do not use creams to lighten your skin that contain cortisone which makes the skin very fragile and very prone to stretch marks;  
  • during pregnancy, practice these tips: 1 ) take regular massage that help to stimulate production of collagen fibers; 2 ) avoid any diet that increases your weight  
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet; drink plenty of water and carrot juice to keep your skin hydrated. 


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