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Skin Scar Treatment

Skin Scars are marks appearing in the form of pale pink or brown patches on the surface of the skin. This is a natural and normal reaction of the skin resulting of healing process of wounds. In fact, most wounds lead to formation of a form of scarring which can remain or disappear over time. Scars can be caused by burn, accidents or skin diseases such as acne – see acne scars for information.  Regardless of the cause of the marks, they are not esthetic; they can negatively affect your beauty depending on their location. Most skin scars can be easily removed by natural means. For instance, constant use of cocoa butter can help get rid of scars naturally. In addition, these other methods below can be used as effective scars removal:  

Tomatoes: you may know about tomatoes for their anti-cancer properties, but they are also good home remedies to treat scars, especially acne scars. They lighten the skin, thus ensure that the appearance of the scars reduces substantially. Take a fresh tomato, cut and directly rub it against the skin to diminish the scars.

Banana: to remove scars naturally, you can prepare a paste by mashing a ripe banana, and then smear the paste on the scar, and leave it there for around 10 minutes before rinsing. 

Lemon and Cucumber Juice: In addition to vitamin C, Lemon juice is an effective remedy for skin scars.  Clean the treated area first, and then apply lemon juice on the scar using a cotton ball, twice a day, until the scar disappears. For best results, use a freshly cut lemon.

Honey: topical honey has been used for centuries in different cultures to heal wounds and burns. The same, applying organic honey on scars constantly can help remove them. In fact, due to its antibacterial properties, honey can heal non major wounds and remove scars within a few months.

Sandalwood: One of the effective scar removal natural methods consists of using sandalwood paste along with rose-water. Apply the paste and let it on the scar overnight. After keeping it overnight, wash your face in the morning. A paste of black gram and sandalwood powder, used in a similar way, can help get rid of scars naturally. You will also experience a natural glow to your skin. This is indeed a very useful remedy for scar removal.

Aloe Vera and Garlic: Aloe vera juice is also a great natural mean to remove skin scars. Apply the aloe vera juice twice a day and within a few days the scars will considerably diminish. For complete removal, continue doing so until the scars vanish. In addition, rubbing raw garlic on the affected part of the skin many times a day is beneficial for healing scars naturally.

Vitamin E: If you want to have a great looking skin, you should not neglect vitamin E. You can use the oil or take it in capsules form. Application of vitamin E oil can completely remove any pertinent scars within a few weeks of the application.

Blanched Tea and Olive Oil: Blanched tea is also useful in removing scars. Take a cotton ball and soak it in blanched green tea and then apply it on the scar. Olive oil or tea tree oil, when applied on the affected skin, can also heal acne scars naturally.

Diet: As they say, there is no effective treatment without a god diet. The above scar removal approaches would be least effective if you are not eating healthy diet. Having said that, to increase the curative effects of these remedies it is crucial to eat good foods. A diet high in fruits and green vegetables is often regarded as a skin friendly diet. They can certainly help to correct the damaged tissues of the skin. Often regarded as skin nourishing foods, fruits and green vegetables are packed with nutrients that help to heal a damaged skin naturally. Carrots and watercress should not be neglected.  

Water:  water is the best natural body cleansing. That is, during your scar removal treatment, you need to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Keeping the skin well hydrated is an effective way to get rid of skin scars.