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Stages of Rosacea

The development of rosacea passes through different stages:  

Early Stage : usually, the face is gradually having a reddish color , as if it was marked with sunburn. This redness is caused by a large flow of blood flowing rapidly through the skin vessels of the face. The redness of the face may be accompanied by redness and dryness of the eyes. In rare cases where the situation worsens, an inflammation of the eyelids can occur.  

Intermediate Stage : without effective treatment, the redness becomes more pronounced and persistent over time. Facial skin can also become very dry. The dilation of small vessels that provide circulation to the face can occur. These vessels may become visible and create thin red lines on the skin, especially on the cheeks (telangiectasia). Small red and solid spots (papules) or pus- filled skin elevation (pustules) may appear on the face. In some patients, the eyes may be red and irritated.  

Advanced Stage: at this stage, the skin inflammation becomes more deteriorated. In men (possible but rare in women), the sebaceous glands of the nose can increase in volume, forming fleshy protuberances making it seem larger (rhinophyma). In this case, surgical intervention may be necessary.   


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