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Rosacea  Risk Factors  


No one knows for sure the causes of rosacea; these factors, however, are suspected: 


  • alcohols and red wine 
  • Inadequate fluid intake - failure to drink enough water 
  • Hot drinks: coffee and tea have long been accused; however, scientists have found little proof. It is instead belied that hot temperature has an influence on outbreaks of rosacea 
  • exposure to intense cold or very hot weather  
  • prolonged exposure to sunlight, winds 
  • taking (too) hot bath
  • physical effort
  • Stress, anger, embarrassment, fatigue, and everything that is likely to raise blood pressure.  
  • Some diseases such as fever, colds, gastritis, diaphragmatic hernia or hot flashes associated with menopause.  
  • Some medications such as topical steroids and vasodilators, drugs that relax or dilate blood vessels. 
  • Skin products made of or which contain eucalyptus oil, clove oil, alcohol, witch hazel, salicylic acid, menthol or peppermint. Any product that causes skin drying or stinging, such as after –shave, can lead to rosacea outbreaks. 
  • Different foods are known to cause outbreaks of rosacea: spicy foods, pepper, vanilla, foods rich in histamine, vinegar, tomatoes, citrus and grapes, as swell chocolate, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, eggplant, spinach, bananas and many varieties of pulses. 


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