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Otoplasty for a Beautiful and Attractive Ear

Plastic surgery has proven to be very useful in a large variety of ways.  No longer is it always about improving the beauty and appearance of individuals in different social classes.  The use of plastic surgery, for example, in the case of an otoplasty, can be something that enables beauty lovers to gain the kind of confidence they need. Also known as ear pinning or cosmetic ear surgery, Otoplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery that helpstoimprove or correct the shape, size or placement of someone’s ears. In short, An otoplasty is a surgery of the ear, reconstructing or pinning it in such a way that it resembles more closely the type of ear that an average person would love to have. Otoplasty is not an anti aging procedure.

Otoplasty Procedure

An otoplasty is one of the least invasive plastic surgeries that there are.  It, of course, requires the skill and experience of a qualified surgeon, because much of it is not only for function, but for aesthetic appearance, as well.  The surgeon must be able to reconstruct the ear in the way that is needed to produce the best results possible.

A local anesthetic is usually all that is required for such a procedure, but a general one may be administered to those individuals, such as children, that may need it.  The surgeon will then proceed to make the necessary incisions in the ear to be able to shape it the way that was previously agreed upon between himself and the client.  Using a needle, he can then reshape the cartilage in the way that it should be.  To help the entire structure heal in this way, a large bandage will be placed over the ear, so that the wound will heal appropriately.

Otoplasty Contraindications

People with an active ear infection may not undergo otoplasty until the infection is completely cured.  Those children who are also in need of special surgeries on their tonsils or ear drums are often advised to wait.  As in many other plastic surgery procedures, the expectations of the patient may exceed reality, thus contraindicating the apparent “success” of the procedure.

Otoplasty Cost

Because the entire structure of the ear is being reconstructed, it is advised that the individual seek out the kind of doctor that will produce the high quality results that they are hoping for.  Different doctors with different levels of expertise will naturally charge different amounts for their services.  Although you may be able to find a doctor willing to charge a lower price, you may not wish to risk the kind of results he will give you.  An average estimate of the price you should expect to pay is around $3,400.

Otoplasty Complications

Infection of the stitches is a common occurrence following an otoplasty.  There also may be an overcorrection of the ears, which may actually turn out for the best, as the ears will change a little over time. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.