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Labiaplasty to Restore The External Folds of Skin Surrounding The Vulva

Plastic surgery used to be something that people hardly heard of—something reserved only for the riches and famous, or perhaps something used to correct the effects of a terrible accident.  However, as the years go by more and more “average” people are getting different kinds of plastic surgery to correct problems that affect their beauty. Some use plastic surgery (or cosmetic surgery) as an anti aging treatment. One of these cosmetic procedures is a labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic operational procedure that carefully reduces the size of a woman’s inner or outer labia.  It may be that these labias, being oversized, are causing the woman a considerable amount of discomfort or embarrassment, and thus have become the reason for the woman to undergo plastic surgery.

Labiaplasty Procedure

The good news is that the procedure is fairly uninvasive, and can be corrected with successful results by a doctor qualified in this area of plastic surgery.  After a consultation with the patient, the doctor will perform the simple surgery.  The patient will be administered some local or general anesthetic to help numb the pain.  The doctor will then carefully cut off the part of the bothersome labia, and place sutures on the treated area, so that they will heal in the way that is most desirable for the patient.  A doctor may use traditional surgical tools, or a laser to complete the procedure.  On average, the recovery time for an average labiaplasty is about a week.

Labiaplasty Contraindications

There are very few contraindications to this particular plastic surgery.  Generally, there are no other regions of the body that are greatly affected, and thus much worry is relieved for the patient.  However, if the patient is unable or unwilling to give up smoking and drinking following the procedure, it is common for the healing process to be interrupted or slowed. 

Labiaplasty Price

The cost of a labiaplasty will differ from doctor to doctor, as well as depending on the extent of need of the patient.  An average estimate for the cost of such a cosmetic procedure is about $3,000-$6,000 in the United States.  An individual must discuss her options with the doctor in order to receive a more accurate estimate of the cost of her procedure.

Labiaplasty Complications

Just as in other surgeries, a patient experiencing a labiaplasty may expect to have bleeding, infection, and swelling in the treated area for a few days following the procedure.  Any infection should be discussed with the doctor, so that the appropriate antibiotic may be prescribed.  There may also be asymmetry or scarring on the treatment area, though these are less commonly found, and depend mostly on the skill of the doctor. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.

However, many people have found much relief of discomfort and embarrassment through this specialized form of plastic surgery.