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Summary Table  



Symptoms and Signs 



  •  Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) 
  •  Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV-2)   
  • Direct contact with an infected person 
  • Sexual intercourse with a person  infected (vaginal or anal sex) 
  • Oral sex 
  • Mother-to-child transmission 
  • Saliva transmission by wet-kissing 

Triggers of outbreaks  

·         menstruation,  

·         Lack of sleep 

·         Pregnancy 

·          exposure to sunlight 

·          infectious diseases 

·          Trauma 

·         Fever 

·         Stress 

·         Fatigue, Immunosuppression 

Genital Herpes: 

  • Painful, ulcerative sores around the penis ( for men) 
  • Lesions in the inside or outside of the vagina ( women) 
  • Vaginal discharge and Painful urination 
  • Ulcers around the perineum  and the anus 
  • Fever and headaches 

Oral Herpes: 

  • Inflammation and bleeding of the gum 
  • Sore throat ( mostly in teens and people in 20’s) 
  • Sweeling of the neck Lymph nodes  
  • Sores in the lips, gums, front of the tongue, throat, inside area of the cheeks and the roof of the mouth 



  • Use condoms during sexual intercourse  
  • Avoid oral sex 

For affected people 

  • Wear white loose cotton underwear 
  • Keep your genital area Dry and clean, and Avoid  antibacterial soaps, feminine deodorant  
  • Do not touch the sores or ulcers if you have herpes 
  • If you are pregnant,  request for a cesarean delivery 
  • Avoid sexual intercourse with your  partner (s) when there are   outbreaks 
  • Avoid oral sex if your partner has genital lesions or sores 


Conventional Treatment 

Anti-viral therapies:  

  • Zovirax 
  • Valtrex 
  • Famvir 

Alternative Treatment 

  • Do a complete body cleansing: Bowel cleanse, Kidney cleanse,  Liver cleanse, Gallbladder cleanse, and Parasite cleanse 
  • Take immune supplements to build your immune system  
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Increase B-12, apple cider vinegar, L-lysine,  Cayenne, and vitamin E in your diet 
  • Drink a lot of fresh and natural carrot, lemon, and apple juice 
  • Increase L-carnitine intake in your diet 
  • Avoid pork meat , Chocolate, coffee, sugar  and Peanuts 
  • Eat fruits abundantly  



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