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Herpes Screening - Herpes Test

The diagnosis of genital and labial herpes is based on the clinical examination and, if necessary, on the isolation of the virus of vesicular lesions by viral culture (of blister fluid from lesions).  

Other test may include: 

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – this medical procedure allows your physician to detecting small amounts of DNA and presence of herpes virus.  

Serology – medical study of your blood serum to identify presence of antibodies against hepatitis A virus infection and herpes simplex virus.  

Immunofluorescence – this medical technique allows your heath care provider to detecting viral antigen from monoclonal antibodies. This specific and rapid method is also used to make distinction between HSV1 and HSV2. 

Tzanck test - also called herpes skin test, is a method of scraping up cold sores, fever blister, or genital sores with a dye to detect the presence of herpes simplex virus or varicella-zoster virus.  


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