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Herpes Prevention  

It is not always easy to avoid certain types of herpe; however, there are steps you can take:  

  • Use condoms during sexual intercourse  
  • Avoid oral sex during herpes outbreak  
  • As long as you can, do not kiss anyone who has “herpes-like “sores 
  • Avoid using objects that have been in direct contact with saliva or mouth of an infected person 
  • If your partner has herpes, avoid oral or genitals contact during genital or labial outbreaks 
  • To prevent auto-contamination (if you already have herpes), avoid sticking your finger in your eyes, nose or mouth 
  • If you have herpes outbreak, avoid touching children and immunodepressive individuals   
  • If you have herpes outbreak, avoid contact with cancer patients that are undergoing cancer treatment  (see the table below for more tips)  


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