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Hair Loss Causes, Understanding Hair Loss Causes

For many men and women, hair loss is an unwelcome occurrence that happens to many of them.  There are actually many hair loss causes that are responsible for baldness and thinning hair, and each cause tends to affect individuals uniquely.  While some causes are more common and therefore easier to treat, others occur less frequently and may be more difficult to find.  Understanding some of the causes of hair loss can help you along the road to finding out your own hair loss causes.

The top reasons that both men and women seem to experience loss of hair are related to the chemicals and hormones in the body.  Throughout your life, your body will produce a variety of chemicals and hormones to help your body stay healthy.  Sometimes these chemicals or hormones are produced in to high or too low quantity, or perhaps production stops altogether.  Definitive research links the proper function of the thyroid gland to healthy hair in both women and men.  When too little of the chemicals and hormones normally produced by the thyroid are present in the body, the body does not seem to be able to adequately re-grow hair and prevent additional loss.  Hair loss causes related to the thyroid or other glands that produce chemicals and hormones can sometimes be counteracted by taking supplements that help to support healthy glands.

Other leading hair loss causes include illness and stress.  When the body must produce the necessary hormones to fight off illness or counteract stress, the systems are often unable to continue to produce the right chemicals and hormones necessary for healthy hair.  If your body is frequently or constantly being stressed or if stress occurs because of illness, hair loss is a frequent result.  If your loss is related to stress, the stress can be put under control and the loss of hair can be slowed down or even reversed.

Some diseases are also listed as hair loss causes.  This type of cause is often detected by a doctor and the loss of hair can be treated along with the disease.  Although this is a rarer cause of hair loss, it can occur.

The more studies that are done, the closer scientists get to determining why people experience the loss of hair, thinning, and baldness.  The more that is learned as studies are conducted, the more likely it is that hair loss causes can be determined and treatment processes improved.  By remembering that your own case is as individual as you are, you can seek treatment and find what works for you.