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Forehead Lift to Correct Aging Signs of the Forehead Skin, Eyebrows, and Upper Eyelids

As the years go by time tends to take its toll on our bodies.  Age begins to become an issue for many people, as its development begins to etch itself into our faces, in lines, wrinkles, and baggy skin.  However, with advance in cosmetic surgery technology, hundreds of beauty lovers are finding relief from these effects of aging through cosmetic procedures such as a forehead lift.  Forehead Lift is the fact of surgically improving sagging of the forehead skin, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. With this simple surgery becoming more and more popular among the baby boomer generation, much information is needed to help people like you become more informed about what is involved.

Generally, a forehead lift does just what it says. It is anti aging treatment that helps to alleviate the wrinkles caused by natural and stressful effects of life by lifting the skin of the eyebrow.  This helps to redefine the eyebrow line, as well as relieve the weight of the upper eyelid hooding that can sometimes become a burden for the aging individual.

Forehead Lift Procedure

Because of many great steps forward in the business of cosmetic surgery, there are many different ways to go about completing such a procedure.  Often, in the more traditional forms of this brow lift procedure, the doctor will carefully make a tiny incision at the hairline.  This is to remove those corrugator muscles that lie beneath the skin, keeping it in place.  After the removal of these little muscles, the doctor can then reposition the forehead, producing the “lift” that is mentioned in the title of the procedure.  Because the initial incision is made well into the hairline, the visible evidence of such a procedure is often hard to detect.

Another way to perform this same surgery is called the “endoscopic” procedure.  Just as it suggests, this forehead lift procedure involves the use of a special “scope” or camera that can weaken the corrugator muscles without having to completely remove them, as is done in the procedure previously discussed in the article.  Both types of procedure may be completed under two hours in either a hospital or outpatient facility by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Forehead Lift Contraindications

Contraindications of a forehead lift procedure involve elements mostly related to the type of skin that a person has.  For example, a potential receiver of the treatment must have a sufficient amount of skin on the upper eyelid to be able to complete the surgery in a satisfactory way.  The patient must also be informed as to appropriate expectations to have.

Forehead Lift Price

Forehead Lift prices tend to vary greatly from doctor to doctor, but in average may range from about $3,000-$8,000.

Forehead Lift Complications

Of course, such things as infection or swelling may occur following the surgery.  Any negative reaction to the anesthesia used during the procedure must be immediately discussed with the doctor.  Scarring and other complications may occur as well, though there are few that are commonly found in individuals receiving a forehead lift today. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.