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Facial Implant for a More Attractive Face

With the wonders of modern technology and medicine, plastic and cosmetic surgery have come a long way from their beginnings.  They are also more common than ever.  As people experience symptoms of aging, they begin to look towards anti aging treatments such as facial implants for a solution.  What fat pads that had previously occupied the appropriate places in the cheeks eventually slip or disappear, and these implants can do much to rejuvenate the face and give it the shape, contour and beauty that the patient desires.  It is important to note that Facial Implant is not used as anti aging procedure only, these implants can be required for reconstructive purposes as well.

Facial Implant Procedure

The surgery that accompanies the need for a facial implant is very much like any other implant surgery on the rest of the body.  However, a surgeon must be especially skilled in his incision making, as the face is very sensitive and is a body part that is often seen by other people.  Thus, a crease or inside the mouth can be used to make the kind of incision that will not be seen in the future, after healing.  Once this incision is made, the surgeon can then manipulate the tissues in the face, and implant the tiny pouch that will serve as a replacement for those fatty tissue pads that usually make up the contours of the face. 

This procedure is, of course, performed while under anesthesia.  The surgery itself may last one to two hours depending on the extent of the planned sculpting.  The patient’s recovery process may last up to a few weeks.

Facial Implant Contraindications

Any type of dental, skin, or blood disease may prove to be contraindicative for a facial implant surgery.  Medications such as those used for thinning blood, extensive use of aspirin, or other specified drugs may make a patient disqualified as a good candidate for this procedure.

Facial Implant Price

There are many types of implants that may be used in a cosmetic procedure such as this, and they will determine a large part of the final cost.  However, it has been found that the average cost of facial implants will be about $3,000-$4,500.  All fees are included in this, including surgeon fees, facility fees, and the cost of anesthesia and operative tools and tests.

Facial Implant Complications

Often, patients will experience temporary side effects as a result of facial implant surgery, such as bruising, swelling, sensitivity, and numbness.  There may be other complications as well, including infection or bleeding. There is also a possibility that the implant may shift over time, which will require a re-alignment. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.