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Endermologie to Get Rid of Cellulite

An incredible new procedure called endermologie has been tried and tested for the successful reduction of cellulite.  This amazing procedure is a non cosmetic surgery, and is actually FDA approved.  So many people, both men and women, who suffer from the unsightly effects of cellulite in their body can get their beauty back.  This may accumulate due to poor regulation of diet and exercise, weight gain, hormonal changes, and even the set of genes the individuals were born with.  Cellulite can be bothersome, especially because improved exercise does not always solve the problem. Endermologie is not forcedly an anti aging treatment.

Endermologie Procedure

Endermologie is a treatment that only takes half an hour to complete.  It must be repeated in a program involving a series of treatments, occurring about twice a week for the first couple of weeks.  Overall, about 16-18 treatments are required to make the initial attack on cellulite, although maintenance treatments are usually required as time goes on.

Suction and rollers are used in a non-surgical fashion to break down the fat cells found in certain parts of the body.  It may be thought of as something similar to a deep massage, as circulation is increased by the machine to stimulate those lower levels of fat and muscle that are hard to get to.  This must be repeated often in order to get the kind of results you would hope for. Thus, by the 9th or 10th session, real results begin to surface, and people start to see the difference.

Endermologie Contraindications

Although endermologie is not a surgical procedure, there are still some conditions and medication that may prove to be contraindicative to its success.  These will include pregnancy, phlebitis or undiagnosed pain occurring in the calf muscles, blood cots, or circulatory diseases.  Active cancer, infectious progressive diseases, and varicose veins may also be contraindicative.

Endermologie Price

The cost of the endermologie program is usually measured out session by session.  On average, each session will cost about $50-$70.  Also, if the treatment area is large, the cost may increase. A full program of sessions, plus a few scheduled for maintenance may end up costing about $2000, depending on the clinic.

Endermologie Complications

The great thing about endermologie is that there are very few adverse complications.  Some people may find the process uncomfortable, as a lot of pressure is applied by a machine to sensitive regions of the body.  However, no serious complications have yet been noted for this fat-removing procedure.  If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues. For more information, contact a dermatologist specialized in endermologie.