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Injectable Fillers As Anti Aging Treatment

When it comes to signs of aging, the first place where they show is often the face.  Wrinkles and other aging signs start affecting the skin in areas such as the forehead, next to the eyes, around the mouth, and even on the chin and neck. Certain supplements or cosmetic surgery can be necessary to restore or improve the beauty. Many people in the world today are looking to modern technology and medicine for cures for these signs of aging, and have found that the use of injectable fillers has proved to be a useful tool.

These injectable fillers include many different substances that have been engineered to smooth wrinkles, add volume to sunken skin, and even boost the plumpness of lips and cheeks.  Some of these fillers are made from collagen that has been derived from animals, humans, fat, and many other things.  For some people, the constant use of injectable fillers has become their access to the fountain of youth—and the reason may be that the results are fantastically immediate.

Injectable Fillers Procedure

The way that such a cosmetic procedure is performed is described quite accurately in its title.  These special filler substances are placed into special hypodermic needles.  After carefully mapping out the individual’s face, and deciding on treatment areas that will be most effected, the doctor performing the procedure will administer a mild anesthetic to the patient’s cleaned face.  These needles will then be inserted underneath the skin in the wrinkled areas, and enough substance injected so that the line, wrinkle, or fold disappears.  This area will then be massaged, so that the substance underneath the skin produces a smooth, young-looking effect on the skin.

Injectable Fillers Contraindications

Any individual who is pregnant or lactating is generally discouraged from using injectable fillers.  Anyone with a hypersensitivity to the particular ingredient being used should also reconsider.

Injectable Fillers Price

While the treatment will generally only last about half an hour, and can be performed in a doctor’s office or outpatient facility, the cost of the procedure will depend mostly on the type of filler that is used.  Each syringe can cost anywhere from $200-$600, and generally more than one is needed for each session.

Injectable Fillers Complications

One downside to the use of injectable fillers is the fact that they are often not very long-lasting.  Different fillers will offer different benefits, and some of these may be that they last a few months.  However, each will also have its complications.  This may include allergies, infection, asymmetry, or other things.  These must be discussed with the doctor prior to and immediately following the procedure. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.