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Dental Pain Causes and Treatment

Dental pain is often the result of dental cavities also called tooth decay. Dental cavities occur when there is a hole in the structure of the tooth which progressively damages its tissue. These holes are also known as caries or even simply cavities. From the very first moment you have the pain is important that you treat the diseased tooth appropriately to prevent you lose it. But we need to understand the factors that are capable of leading to tooth decay, and thus dental pain, to effectively treat it.

Tooth pain can be resulted from various reasons mostly tooth decay, tooth abscess, cracked tooth syndrome, gum diseases, dentist visit, and sensitivity of the tooth root. The dental pain can be caused directly by the tooth itself, or secondary by the nerves of the tooth or the muscles and gums surrounding it. People who are having their wisdom teeth can also experience tooth pain. Other potential causes of dental pain include lack of oral hygiene, acids, and certain foods such as dietary sugars and starches.

Regardless the cause of the pain, you do need a relief, a fast relief. In western countries like the US, most people tend to recourse to a pain killer to stop the pain. Although taking painkillers is an option it is not the best one, because they reduce the pain for a while but they do not provide complete relief. You do not need to take painkillers for toothache pain relief. There are various alternative methods you can use to get an instant tooth pain relief. Here are some Remedies that you can use to for dental Pain Relief.  

Dental Pain Treatment  

Cloves - although you may not like the smell and the taste, clove is one of the best known home remedies to stop dental pain. People use this remedy all over the world with satisfying results. Cloves are high in analgesic properties which work to soothe toothache. Applying clove oil to the gums or biting on to clove for a while, can help in pain relief for tooth ache. This remedy can also work for gum related diseases and pain.  


Onions - Onions have a strong smell and odor which makes most people do not like to eat raw. But they have bactericidal properties which can relieve a tooth pain instantly. You can place a slice of onion on the affected gum or tooth, for around three minutes, to experience its curative effects. Also, chewing onto an onion everyday will keep all kinds of tooth related disorders away. Be careful with your breath if you eat onions before talking to people.  

Whiskey - to stop any severe dental pain, you can swish your mouth with a shot of whiskey. This is an effective remedy for tooth pain. The way it works is simple; the alcohol is absorbed by the gums and the affected area is numbed by it. 

Pepper - mix a little pepper with some drops of fresh lemon juice and a little salt to be used as a topical remedy. This tooth pain remedy works most of the times.

Although these mentioned remedies can work wonder for tooth pain, it is also essential to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash twice a day. It is not recommended to go to bed without brushing your teeth.