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Chin Implant for an Attractive Defined Chin Profile and Beautiful Jaw Line

Studies have shown that people automatically rate other people on their level of attractiveness immediately after meeting them—or even just passing them on the street.  Much of what that are noticed are mostly men’s chin, a women’s breasts, or simply by the way he or she is walking.  If you would like to improve your beauty and give a good first impression on other people, you may need to undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgery such as chin implant to help you get Attractive Defined Chin Profile and Beautiful Jaw Line. Chin implant is, most of the times, used as an anti aging treatment.

The chin implant offers many individuals just like you the opportunity to shape their face into a more symmetrical, attractive feature of their body.  Both men and women have received such surgeries, and they often go along with other types of implants and lifts, such as in the cheeks, lips, brows, or neck.

Chin Implant Procedure

The implant used is generally a small pouch filled with silicone or other substances.  The doctor, after applying anesthesia to the area, or using a general anesthesia, will make tiny incisions either just underneath the chin, or on the inside of the mouth.  He can then move the implant inside of the face, and place it carefully where it will stay in the chin.  Often, this surgery is fairly short, and can be done as an outpatient procedure.

Sutures placed in the mouth will eventually dissolve; those sutures found in the skin underneath the chin will likely take about a week to heal before they can be removed.  While the patient will likely be able to return home immediately, they will need to be careful about the use of their chin and mouth, and probably need a week or so to recover.

Chin Implant Contraindications

Those individuals who have skin that has lost some of its elasticity are not good candidates for a chin implant.  Neither are those with bone disorders or who are in poor physical or emotional health.  Medications that are contraindicative of the success of the implant are those similar to Coumadin (used for blood thinning purposes,) and Accutane. 

Chin Implant Price

Each type of implant will cost a different amount, but most chin implants will range in cost from $3,000 to $4,500.  The desired results of the patient may also play a part in the cost, as it will affect the work of the plastic surgeon.  There may be also fees related to the facility, anesthesia, and other factors that commonly coincide with surgical fees.

Chin Implant Complications

Most complications following a chin implant are temporary, such as inflammation, bruising, stiffness, or numbness in the treatment area.  These symptoms will typically subside after a few days.  Further risks include infection, excessive bleeding or scarring, and adverse reactions to the anesthesia used during the procedure. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.