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Cellulite Prevention   

Since cellulite is a multifactorial medical condition (hereditary and biological factors), it is almost impossible to prevent it. Regular exercise and proper diet can help you maintain a good skin tone and good blood circulation; they do not, however, guarantee complete prevention of the appearance of cellulite. 

If you already have cellulite on your buttocks or legs, do not to aggravate it; it is important to pay attention to anything that impedes circulation and venous return in your lower limbs. In general, to reduce your risk of cellulite, it is necessary to:   

  • Vary Your Posture:  do not spend long periods in a static position, standing or sitting. 
  • Avoid Heat: heat dilate veins, while cold tonify them. Avoid taking regularly hot showers and baths. 
  • Wear Flat Shoes: flat shoes make your calf muscles work, and therefore help the veins to do their job. 
  • Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes: wear clothes that are loose enough to allow a proper blood circulation in your body. If they tighten too much your leg or waist, the blood can go back easily to the heart through the veins.  


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