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Cellulite Causes  

The causes of cellulite are not yet clearly established. Scientists believe cellulite is a multifactorial disease; many factors can lead to its development: dehydration, toxins (or medications), stress, female sex hormones (estrogens and progestagens) , heredity, physical inactivity and diet rich in fat. It is thought that a diet too rich promotes lipid storage in adipocytes. Increasing the size of adipocytes causes an increase in the thickness of the hypodermis (innermost and thickest layer of the skin ) and the appearance of cellulite. More excess fat stored (in the form of triglycerides) is important, the greater appears the cellulite. In fact, adipocytes, when filled with fat, can grow up to 50 times than their original volume. 

Cellulite involves a change in the structure located on the surface of the fat under the skin, in very specific areas of the body. Adipocytes are housed inside small "chambers" enclosed by elastic connective tissue. The skin forms a kind of ceiling on these chambers. In the presence of cellulite, there is an increase in both the number of fat cells and water retention. The chambers swell, and therefore, giving the skin a cushiony appearance . This causes compression of the blood and lymph circulation, which gives rise to an inefficient drainage of water and toxins in the body.


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