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Cellulite is an abnormal accumulation of fat under the skin. The abnormality consists of adipocytes (fat cells or lipocytes ) of large size, located under the skin, which gorge themselves on fat and increase in volume (hypertrophy). Cellulite tends to develop in certain areas of the female body mainly hips, thighs and buttocks. Although can affect men, cellulite is seen most often in women because many factors specific to women favor its formation: hormonal and vascular factors for instance. In fact, it is estimated that nearly nine in ten women are affected with cellulite at one time or another in their life; only one out of fifty men, however, develop cellulite  

Any type of woman can be affected; however, cellulite concerns mostly overweight women. The reason is because cellulite is more favored where there is a lot of fat under the skin. The onset of cellulite varies greatly from person to person and depends on many factors. However, some periods in a woman's life such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause are conducive to the development of cellulite. 

There is no treatment to completely get rid of cellulite, especially if it is deep and in large quantities . Hence, it is important to start treating cellulite while it is in its genesis. For some people, it is possible to reduce or improve the appearance of cellulite under their skin. However, the treatment effect is temporary and they should be continued over long term to benefit from it. 


                                                          Types of Cellulite