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Butt Augmentation - Buttock Augmentation

When you start to get older, or have recently lost a lot of weight, you may find that certain parts of that once-elastic skin of your body are just hanging out.  So many people find themselves dissatisfied with their saggy skin as life takes its toll on their bodies.  For many, a saggy buttock is an uncomfortable thing to haul around; they do need an anti aging treatment, mainly a cosmetic surgery to help them improve their appearance or beauty.  Butt augmentation has become a great solution for many people who experience such a pleasant and embarrassing thing.

Butt Augmentation Procedure

The intent of the doctor during the butt augmentation procedure is simply to rid the area of excess skin that is causing the problem.  A general anesthesia is administered to the patient in either a hospital or doctor’s facility, and the surgery begins.  In an effort to disguise the site of operation, a doctor will likely make an incision in the area just over the middle of the sacral bone, right between the buttocks.  This will help to conceal any scarring that may occur from the procedure.

Implants that have been individualized to the patient are then placed carefully on each side of the buttocks, underneath the gluteal muscles.  Different shapes and sizes are created to fit individual needs.  For example, those individuals with a short buttock will tend to look better if a round implant is placed underneath the muscles.  Others, however, will be more suited to an implant that is shaped more like an oval.  These things will be determined by the patient and the doctor before the procedure begins.

Butt Augmentation Contraindications

What contraindications there may be for a butt augmentation include chronic skin infections and irritations, uncontrolled diabetes, the smoking of cigarettes immediately before and after the surgery, and heart conditions.  Any of these may possibly disqualify the patient as a good candidate for the augmentation surgery.  A careful review of the patient’s medical history with the doctor prior to the procedure will determine any other contraindications that the patient has for this particular surgery.

Butt Augmentation Price

The cost of a butt augmentation depends on the type of implant, as well as the doctor and hospital fees.  The work done on each side of the buttocks may average around $4,700.  What anesthesia and medications that will be required are also factored into the final cost.

Butt Augmentation Complications

It is common for individuals to experience swelling, bruising, a feeling of tightness, and restricted mobility following a butt augmentation.  Other, less common complications include nerve damage, prolonged pain, asymmetry of the buttocks, and excessive scarring. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.