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Breast Implant Cost, Procedure, Contraindications & Possible Complications  


Many women are self-conscious about the way that their breasts appear, and are looking for ways to beautify them in order to improve their beauty and overall appearance.  Breast augmentation with the use of implants is becoming a more popular way to achieve an improved size, shape, and contour of breasts—despite the effects of genes, pregnancy, and even gravity. 


A breast implant is a silicon pouch that is filled with a special saline solution or silicone gel.  It is made to be placed underneath the mammary glands of the breast, and will essentially give the woman’s figure the “boost” she really wants. This cosmetic surgery is not forcedly an anti aging treatment.  


These implants have been greatly improved over the years.  The surgery needed to place the breast implant is one done solely by a doctor skilled and experienced in this special cosmetic procedure.  The surgery, although done on an outpatient basis, can last from 2 to 4 hours, and the recovery time is usually a couple of weeks. 


Breast Implant Procedure 


The doctor will take time to carefully assess the patient’s needs, and will help them to decide which type of breast implant will help them achieve the desired results.  In the actual procedure, a general or local anesthesia and IV sedation will be used to put the patient in the best position possible to successfully perform the procedure.  Carefully, the doctor will then make a few tiny incisions along the bra line, and maneuver the tissue of the breast to be able to implant the silicon pouches right where they need to be to achieve maximum results.  The incisions made in the skin are usually placed where they will later be unnoticeable. 


Breast Implant Contraindications 


It is not recommended that individuals with autoimmune diseases or problems with blood clotting receive a breast implant.  Also, diabetes, if poorly controlled, can be a contraindication to the procedure as well.  It is important that you thoroughly discuss with your doctor any health problems you may have, so that further complications can be avoided during or following the surgery. 


Breast Implant Cost 


A breast augmentation surgery can cost an individual up to $8,000.  Most of this, of course, is the cost of the implant itself.  However, doctors fees and anesthesia, as well as other elements contributing to the procedure, will also run up the cost. 


Breast Implant Complications 


Other than some basic side effects of the surgery such as redness, swelling, bruising, and pain, there are a few complications to consider when having breast implant surgery.  There may be a possible deflation in the implanted pouch in the future, or a hardening of the implant, causing discomfort and asymmetry in the breasts.  Individuals may also experience a lost of sensation in the nipples and breasts.  Complications such as these should be immediately discussed with a doctor. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.