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Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery Cosmetic Surgery for Eyelids


Many older people are finding an anti aging procedure to improve the appearance of their upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both is an important thing for them to do.  As age, gravity, and a lost elasticity in the skin combine, the upper eyelid area becomes full and heavy, sometimes obstructing the field of vision of an individual.  In this case, such a surgery is not even considered cosmetic, as the purposes for performing it are largely medical.  However, the cosmetic benefits can be great for many other people as well.


Blepharoplasty Procedure


Each surgeon will likely have a preferred technique for performing  on his patients.  However, before such a surgery is done, the doctor and patient will sit down to discuss the patient’s needs, as well as the options that will be most appropriate and will generate the greatest results in term of beauty.  The amount of excess skin and fat in the upper eyelid must be evaluated, so as to determine how much of it must be removed.


During the actual procedure, the surgeon will generally make the incisions along the fold of the normal contour of the upper eye.  This is to help mask any scarring that may occur in the healing process.  For lower eyelids, the incisions are made just below the eyelashes, with the same reasons in mind. 


What excess fat and skin there is can then be removed, relieving the patient of that bothersome trait.


Blepharoplasty Contraindications


It has been found, however, that those people currently experiencing problems with thyroid, dry eyes, or other issues having to do with the eyes should be careful as they consider having Blepharoplasty.  A doctor must be consulted before any decisions are made.  Other contraindications may include medications that are used to thin the blood, or open cuts or abrasions in the treatment area.


Blepharoplasty Cost


The final cost of an Blepharoplasty will largely depend on the amount of treatment that is needed.  If both eyelids of both eyes must be operated on, the cost will certainly increase.  Because there are so many factors that may play into the issue of cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 to have the Blepharoplasty performed in the United States.


Blepharoplasty Complications


There may be a risk of infection, or excessive bruising and bleeding following an Blepharoplasty.  This area of the body is especially sensitive, and so bruising may last for a few weeks.  There may be a risk of excessive skin removal as well, which may cause problems in the act of eyelid closure.  External scarring and eyeball damage may also occur. If you experience serious or painful symptoms, your Physician will prescribe you an appropriate treatment to fight against these health issues.