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Bad Breath Treatment and Information

Bad breath treatment depends greatly on the causes leading to it. That is, to effectively get rid of the disease you need to first take care of the problem leading to it. Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be embarrassing and irritating at the same time. The problem is embarrassing for the victim and irritating to individuals he speaks to. Question most women, they would tell you they like talking to a man with fresh breath. It is the same for men. In fact, a bad breath can ruin your social life. However, there are certain steps you can take to get rid of your bad breath problem. But before talking about bad breath treatment, let’s consider some possible causes of it. 

It is important, however, to know that bad breath is a problem that everyone faces at one point or another. Even if you regularly clean your teeth and never miss out on the floss, still there may be times when you are suffering from abnormal breath. For instance, a night-out associated with drinking alcohol as well as smoking cigarette can cause bad breath. Eating certain foods such as garlic or onion can also cause the problem. But in this case the bad breath is temporary and cleaning and rinsing immediately can tackle the foul odor without any treatment. You may need instant remedies like just chewing a gum. The cause of a permanent bad breath can be different. 

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is the result of accumulation of bacteria – mainly anaerobic bacteria – on the tongue and between the teeth. After consuming foods, these bacteria try to break down what is left down, leading to production of sulfur compounds in the process. It is the release of these sulfur compounds that lead to bad breath. But some factors seem to influence the growth of the bacteria: 

  • Smoking cigarette (the main cause of lung cancer) 
  • Alcohol consumption 
  • Defective oral habits 
  • Deficiency of vitamin B or zinc 
  • Wearing dentures 
  • Having Dental Plaque 
  • Suffering gingivitis or other gum diseases 
  • Mouth or Throat infections 

Apart from the above mentioned causes, there are certain medical conditions which are known to cause bad breath. Some of them include acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), sinus infections, bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections, cancer, liver diseases, certain metabolic disorders including kidney failure, liver failure and uncontrolled diabetes.  Lung infections and lung abscesses can cause unpleasant oral odor. In addition, chronic dry mouth (which can be due to certain medications or therapies such as cancer chemotherapy and head and neck radiation therapy) are also the causes of bad breath. Any disease that leads to infection or dental problem can be a factor of bad breath.  Now that we know the causes, let's consider some natural alternatives to get rid of bad breath. 


Get Rif of Bad Breath 


If you are one of those people struggling with bad breath, you may be asking how you can get rid of bad breath. The disease is well curable, but you need a good dental hygiene associated with any treatment. 


Oral Hygiene - Make sure that you brush your teeth after every meal. Floss at least once a day. Avoid consumption of onions, garlic, tabaco and alcohol. The fact that bad breath may be caused by dental problems, it is important to see your dentist to rule out any dental disease. If you are suffering from tooth infections, gum problems, plaque or a periodontal disease, treat the condition as soon as you can. Oral health is not only important to have good breath but also to prevent heart disease. If you wear braces, you need to make sure that you brush your teeth properly. You must floss your teeth and clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner daily. Avoid alcohol mouthwash; consider instead rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. It is also necessary to keep your mouth well-hydrated. 

Home Remedies – first of all, eat one apple early in the morning and one apple right before going to bed can get rid of any chronic bad breath. This is good not only for oral health but health in general. In fact, some people say this habit helps them lose weight. As they say, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”. After adopting a good oral hygiene and avoid foods that can lead to strong breath, you can resort to these home remedies to get rid of bad breath now. Regular consumption of fruits such as sweet limes and oranges is also said to help a lot. But brushing teeth is recommended after eating sugary fruits or vegetables. You can also use a few oral drops of natural oils such as peppermint and tea tree oil will help fight bad breath.  Chewing mint leaves on empty stomach seem to stop bad breath. These not only fight bad breath, they also give an instant feeling of freshness. Fruits and vegetables such as avocado, parsley and apples also help fight bad breath.

Bad breath can highly impact your social life, as people might avoid coming in contact with you or turn their head when speak. This can lead to low-self-esteem and even depression. Now that you know how to get rid of bad breath naturally, do not neglect applying them in your daily life.