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Acne Causes

When a person is suffering from breakouts of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, they may also suffer from frustration and embarrassment, because their beauty and appearance are negatively affected. By understanding the different acne causes, a person may be able to get a handle on the problem and stop those breakouts or minimize the appearance of acne.

Although some acne causes are individual, most people have certain things in common that can be treated.  While people used to think that dirty skin or excess bacteria caused this problem, studies have shown that most people with the problem often take more care than the average person to keep their skin clean, which means that dirt and bacteria are not he major culprits behind a breakout.

Under the surface of the skin, special oils are produced that help to keep our skin hydrated and healthy.  The oils travel through pores in the skin to reach the surface where they do their job of hydration.  One of the major acne causes is that there are times when the pores are clogged or they get blocked and the oil is not able to reach the surface of the skin.  The skin produces more oil because it can tell that the skin needs to be hydrated and the oil builds up behind the blockage.  The body tries to take care of itself with inflammation and swelling at the site of the blocked pores.  The inflammation can appear as blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples on the surface of the skin.  Although most people worry the most about acne on the face, it can also be found on the back and shoulders and other areas of the body.

Although it has been ruled out as one of the main acne causes, bacteria can aggravate the acne.  If the inflammation is dug at or picked at or popped, bacteria can enter the area and aggravate the problem.  In order to avoid the possibility of infection, most experts recommend against picking, lancing, or scratching breakout areas.

Many people experience a breakout because of hormonal changes to their bodies.  People who never dealt with this type of a problem may find that the changes created by such things as pregnancy, menstrual cycles, menopause, and stress may all be major acne causes.  It can be very surprising for a person who never dealt with acne in their youth to suddenly be confronted with the problem in later life.  The reason for this is that hormones often trigger a change in the amount of oils that are being produced by the skin.  Understanding acne causes will help you find proper treatment.


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